Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Motorcyclists can use MyBikeInfo iPhone App

In these difficult economic times, it’s especially difficult for non-profit entities to raise funds to support their charitable missions. As a result, Robert Hess, Founder and President of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project (PCaAP) and founding partner of TSG, Inc. embarked on a program to create a self-funding mechanism for the PCaAP.

Because the PCaAP uses bicycling events to disseminate it’s “Early Detection, Early Treatment” message and to drive healthy lifestyle activities, the logical choice was something related to cycling. The result, after 9 months of technical development led by TSG founding partner Prem Sundaram, is the MyBikeInfo iPhone application.

The application stores all of the information necessary for a proper positioning fit for an unlimited number of bicycles and includes the ability to create RSS feeds within the application. But you also can store lots of useful information about your motorcycle in the app. Robert has full information on his 4 bicycles and his 2004 Dyna Lowrider in his!

MyBikeInfo is available now in the iTunes application store. Full details are at Proceeds go to create prostate cancer awareness events and annual testing for men without medical insurance.

TSG, Inc. is pleased to pleased to support the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project in its mission of ensuring that no man is ever faced with a metatastic prostate cancer diagnosis. You can learn more about the Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and support its programs at its websites, Prostate Cancer Awareness Project and 29000Men.

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