Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hot Waitresses and the Tour de USA 2010

Hi Everyone:

I just came across the “Hot Waitress” index and thought I would pass it along, since no one seems to know where we are in the current economic world. If you are watching the Gallup polls on consumer confidence, you will note that a majority of consumers (57%) believe the economy is continuing to worsen. This means that you still have an window of opportunity to improve the internal functioning of your business to be optimally structured to compete when the recovery comes.

OK, So Just What Does “Hot Waitress Economic Index” Mean?

Hot Waitresses is an index that indicates the state of the economy by measuring the number of attractive people working as waiters/waitresses. According to the hot waitress index, the higher the number of good looking servers, the weaker the current state of the economy. It is assumed that attractive individuals do not tend to have trouble finding high-paying jobs during good economics times. During poor economic times, these jobs will be more difficult to find and therefore more attractive people will be forced to work in lower paying jobs such as being waiters/waitresses.

How Many Will We See?

We have just 11 months before we depart Manhattan Beach, California on the inaugural Tour de USA for prostate cancer awareness. This will be the “Woodstock” of Harley rides - just over 7,200 miles in 30 days. Follow us at and at

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