Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Cancer That Companies Fear?

Hi All:

Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve posted to the blog and I have nothing to report, expect nothing to report!

One Lone Sponsor
We’ve been working on the sponsorship program for the past four months and I can honestly say that I am terrible at this. Even Harley-Davidson turned me down, as well as my own insurance company where I’ve been a client for 42 years. Ouch!

Blood Tests at Home
We’re working out the sponsorship arrangements with this great little company and I should have some to report in the near future that will be of major benefit to prostate cancer awareness.

The Cause Brands are Afraid to Touch!
I’m not really certain yet, but I’m beginning to develop an intuition that prostate cancer is simply too sensitive an issue for companies outside of the medical industry to deal with. Most men avoid the subject like the plague unless they have been personally touched by the disease - a father, for example. But even that close a relationship often isn’t enough.

So, stay in touch and follow my saga.

By the way, I just found a great website for motorcyclists - www.motozania.com. Check it out.

Keep the rubber side down and check your PSA!


Dean said...

Just read Genevieve's artcle in th AIM. Hopefully that will help. I have been checked each year for the past 3 years. I am 55. My dad was checked at 50 and and had surgery to fix his prostrate. I am all for your endeavor. I hope to have a bike again soon, so hope to join you for some of your ride. Tell Genevieve thanks for the article. Maybe that will help.

Dean said...

Me again...have you tried to get major retailers to sponsor? For example: Lowes, Home Depot, etc. I work for Lowes and would hope Lowes might be interested. I could look into it if you want me to.

Robert Hess said...

Hi Dean. Thanks for the comment. It would be great if you could check with Lowe's about supporting the Tour de USA. Please note that I am moving all of my blogs to wordpress. The new Tour de USA is tourdeusa2010@wordpress.com. Best, Robert