Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finding Sponsors is Really Hard!

The gals are just most clever than I am. I've been trying for six months now to find sponsors for the Tour de USA to gain some attention for prostate cancer and, nada, rein, nichts, zip, nothin'. Either I'm terrible at this, or no one really cares about prostate cancer unless they personally get tagged with it. In the meantime, the gals come up with the "What Color is Your Bra" campaign that sweeps Facebook in a week. A British friend suggested we counter with a "How Large is Your Wanker," but I'm not sure that would have the same effect. Men are a natural constituency for breasts, we pretty much venerate and cherish them. Is our manly equipment just too prosaic and functional to get this kind of any attention? Maybe it's time to get a few more "Full Monty" teams in action. After all, Michelangelo's David (a copy) stands in the Palazzo Vecchio baring all.

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