Monday, January 18, 2010

Rock Store Training Ride

Riding “Dave” is always fun; the challenge is finding the time. I need to get with it, though, as I am only a bit over six months away from riding the Tour de USA 2010 for prostate cancer awareness. The ride covers 7,667.9 miles, Los Angeles to Washington, DC and back, by way of the annual gathering at Sturgis, SD in early August.

My weekend’s training ride went from Manhattan Beach to the famous Rock Store on Mullholland Highway, Cornell, California. It was a fairly short ride of just over a hundred miles, but we rode there via Pacific Coast Highway and up Decker and Encinal Canyons. Great ride, and a few thrills when you hit a 180 degree turn just a bit too fast and hear your foot peg talking to you.

My riding partner, Hog-nut Mike, was kind enough to take a few pictures while I was busy handing out information on this summer’s Tour de USA® for prostate cancer, which we believe will be the longest motorcycle charity rally in history. Details at

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